42 huskies looking for a new home

42 pedigree husky dog are looking for a new home after their owner was admitted to hospital. The dogs are currently being cared for by the Husky's ForeverHome refuge in the Flemish Brabant municipality of Grimbergen. The huskies have been specially bred for sport and as such are different to huskies bred to become pets. 

Husky’s ForeverHome’s Fabienne Engelen told VRT Radio 2 that “There is a difference between sport huskies and domesticated huskies”. “We are looking for new foster families for the dogs. Their owner has been admitted to hospital and is no longer able to care for all the dogs”. 

Fabienne Engelen acknowledges that it will be difficult to find homes for the dogs. "They have specific needs. They are a big family of huskies that have been bred specifically for sport. There is a big difference between a sport husky and a domesticated husky”.

Sport huskies are not used to being kept inside and are (even) more energic than other huskies.

"Only the ‘retired’ huskies are used to being kept inside”.Huskies of any kind require a lot of exercise. Two walks of at least one hour a day are an absolute minimum. With sport huskies there is an additional problem of not being able to walk on a leash as they are only used to pulling sleighs. Before any of the dog scan be adopted. Husky’s ForeeverHome will first make thorough checks to make sure that there is a good match between the dog and the would-be new owner. “They are stubborn, they don’t listen. You have to be as stubborn yourself as your dog”, Fabienne Engelen told the VRT. 

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