John Hyphen op Twitter

Footage of spectacular Brussels demolition method goes viral

A hotel at the Rogierplein in central Brussels is the centre of the attention these days as the building is being demolished in a particular way: in a spectacular act, a digging machine has been lifted inside a container vessel to demolish the top floor of the building "from the air". The video was posted on Twitter and goes viral.  

The works are carried out by De Meuter, a company from Ternat specialised in demolition. "This technique is completely safe. We are applying it every now and then", says Geert Vandenberghe of De Meuter. "The man who operates the machine is not just anybody. He has been specifically trained for the task, while the crane itself is also strongly attached to the vessel. Chances of anything going wrong are extremely slim." 

Watch the video below, the post had over 360,000 views this morning. 

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