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Inflation soars to 11.27 percent, reaching a 47-year high

Life in the past month of September was 11.27 percent more expensive than in September last year. The inflation in Belgium has reached the highest level since 1975 now. Among the factors fuelling the high inflation are energy and food prices. 

At the end of August, inflation was calculated at "only" 9.94 percent. The latest figure means that something that set you back 100 euros last year, is now costing you over 111 euros. It's mostly high energy prices that are causing the spike, but apart from natural gas, electricity and heating oil, also clothing, alcohol, eating out and travelling have become a lot more expensive. 

If we just look at energy, then the inflation rate has reached a staggering 60.5 percent compared to last year's September. Energy is thus responsible for about half of the present (general) inflation rise. Food prices are 10.4 percent up on the year now. Dairy products in particular - like butter and milk - have seen a sharp rise of up to 25 percent. 

Still, some products have become cheaper, including TV's and similar devices (-11.9%), smartphones (-9.9%), other multimedia, gentlemen's clothing (-0.8 percent) or "personal items" such as umbrellas and sun glasses (-0.4 percent).

The inflation rate has been high for several months now. A figure around 10 percent is quite unusual; normally governments strive for a figure of around 2 percent. 

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