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Flyover into the centre of Ghent closed for 10 days

The flyover that brings traffic from the E17 motorway into the centre of the East Flemish city of Ghent will be closed for the nerxt ten days for maintenance work. The road is one of the busiest routes into Ghent. Roadworks at the end of the flyover at Ghent South mean that with the except of busses and bicycles no traffic will be able to use it for one and a half weeks. A diversion will be in place from the Ledeberg interchange for traffic travelling into Ghent from the south.

The junction of the E17 with the B401 closed after Friday morning’s rush hour. It will remain closed until the morning of Monday 10 October. The closure has come about due to the start of the second phase of roadworks at the intersection of the Zuidparklaan with the Jules De Bruyckerdreef.

The closure means that traffic entering Ghent from the E17 is being diverted via the Ledeberg interchange. This is likely to lead to traffic jams, especially during the morning and evening rush hours.

Jef Schoenmakers of the Flemish Roads and Traffic Agency told VRT News that the road has been closed just prior to the weekend to allow motorists to get used to the closure before the start of the new working week.

Mr Schoenmaekers added "I hope that road users will think carefully about whether they really need to go all the way into the city by car. They can also use the multi-story carpark at the Ledeberg exit and continue their journey by bus or tram. Or simply come to Ghent by train."

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