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Prince Gabriël receives blue baret from his father, King Filip of the Belgians (VIDEO)

Prince Gabriël (19) has completed his military pre-training in eastern Belgium and has received the blue baret at the Royal Military Academy. It was his father, King Filip, who handed out the blue barets to the students. 

Only those that have successfully completed the Military Initiation Phase (MIF) in Elsenborn get the blue baret in a symbolic gesture. The MIF lasted about six weeks. 

In an Instagram post, the royal family said that "the training allows new recruits to get acquainted with the military aspects and to adopt the values of Defence which include integrity, respect, loyalty and courage." 

195 students had started the training, where discipline, physical challenges and tactics take a central place. The general aim is to prepare youngsters for a later career by adding these values to their general experience. 190 of the 195 students passed.  

Gabriël's elder sister, Princess Elisabeth, followed the same training and got her blue baret in September 2020. The king has the honour to give the blue barets as commander-in-chief of the Belgian armed forces. He tapped his son on the shoulder. 

In the background, Queen Mathilde could be seen enjoying the special moment as a proud mother. Elisabeth was also present at the ceremony.  

Watch the video here:

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