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Belgian pumpkin championships in Kasterlee: who has the biggest? (VIDEO)

The annual Belgian pumpkin champiosnhips took place in Kasterlee (Kempen area) yesterday. About 50 competitors took their chance. The giant pumpkins are being measured and weighed, following the rules of international contests. It was defending champion Luc Vanheuckelom who won back-to-back Belgian titles with a pumpkin of no less than 1,046 kilos.

The shape is also important, but it will not make you the new champion as size and weight matter the most. The pumpkins are getting bigger each year, says Paul Boonen of Kasterlee's Pumpkin Society that organises the Belgian Championships. "In the early years, we had pumpkins of 150 or 200 kilos, maybe 400. This has changed a lot during the years. This is mostly thanks to the new seeds that we grow", he told the VRT. 

Luc Vanheuckelom won the event with a pumpkin of over 1,000 kilos. "I am very happy with my second win. It's another sucess after using my home-grown seed." If you would be interested to compete next year: good pumpkin growers need good seeds, but also a lot of water, manure and patience. 

Watch the video here:

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