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Fin whale carcass washed up on Dutch beach (VIDEO)

The carcass of a fin whale that was seen floating off the Belgian coast on Friday - but that went missing later on - has emerged on a beach in Zeeland, in the Netherlands.  

The Belgian authorities held a search for the body yesterday, as it could end up in shipping routes and pose a problem due to its size - fin whales can grow up to 27 metres long. 

However, they could not find the carcass after a windy Friday night with high waves. Now, the body has washed up on the shore in Westkapelle, near Vlissingen. A big event for ramblers is taking place in the area; the Kustmarathon is attracting thousands of participants. 

This means that the body cannot be cleared straightaway, Jaap van der Hiele of the Dutch Sealife Rescue Centre said this morning. "We are seeing an increasing number of people who want to take a closer look. However, the carcass is spreading a bad smell and some people are returning rather quickly." 

The body attracted people the whole day long. It was measured and turned out to be 13.7 metres long.  

Watch the latest footage here:

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