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Bashir Abdi takes bronze in the London Marathon

The Belgian runner Bashir Abdi came third in Sunday’s London Marathon. With a time of 2 hours, 5 minutes and 19 seconds he came in just 40 seconds behind the race winner, the Kenyan Amos Kipruto. The Ethiopian Leul Gebresilase took silver with a time of 2 hours, 5 minutes and 12 seconds. 

Our fellow-Belgian Bashir Abdi has failed to become the first European to win the London Marathon since 2000. He was ahead until around 5 kilometre before the finishing line, but saw first Amos Kipruto and then Leul Gebresilase pass him to take gold and silver respectively.

The London Marathon always attracts many of the world’s best long distance runners and Sunday’s race was no exception. However, the local favourite Mo Farah was forced to drop out at the 11th hour due to a hip injury.  Among those that were to have competed in the marathon was the living legend Kenenisa Bekele. An athlete with Olympic and world title that are too numerous to mention. However, he too was forced to pull out.

As the race reached it’s exciting conclusion it was the 30-year-old Kenyan Amos Kipruto that turned things up a gear. The 2019 World Championships bronze medallist left the rest behind at the 40km to take what was the greatest victory of his career to date.

Behind him a battle raged between Abdi and the Ethiopian Leul Gebresilase. However, the Gebresilase was stronger in the final sprint and Abdi finished third in a race that had followed a trying route in far from perfect weather conditions.

Medal donated to East Flemish sport club

Bashir Abdi will be donating his bronze medal to the Boezjeern Sport Club in the East Flemish town of Eeklo. The club is involved in a wide range of sporting activities and is open to all. Bashir Abdi says that he decided to donate his medal to Boezjeern Sport Club as “Achievements that go unnoticed also merit attention”. 

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