FA launches enquiry after keepers’ coach pulls down referee’s shorts

The Belgian Football Association has launched an enquiry after an incident that happened during a First Division futsal match on Sunday. The match between Herentals and Borgloon came to an abrupt end after the Herentals keepers’ coach Davy Van Bael displayed his discontent at  decisions taken by match referee by pulling the match officials’ trousers down. Mr Van Bael was unhappy that the referee had allowed several fouls committed by Borgloon to go unpunished.  

Davy Van Bael risks (a lengthy) suspension and the Herentals futsal club risks a hefty fine as punishment for Sunday’s incident.

After the game, goalkeepers' coach Davy Van Bael went to ask the referee for an explanation for what he said was the match official’s failure to punish fouls committed by members of the Borgloon team. Herentals' goalkeeper and team captain Morad Talhaoui and team coach Yves Heremans were also involved in the discussion with the referee. When the three were shown a red card Mr Van Bael was so annoyed that he pulled referee Kris Feytons’ pants down up to the ankles.

The incident could now cost him and the club dearly. "The Sports Committee of the Belgian Football Association will probably suspend him for a few months," Herentals’ honorary president Eddy Lambaerts told the VRT. "I think it was meant to as a joke and the supporters may well have found it funny, but you have to keep you hands off the referee."

"We expect a hefty fine. We are also going to suspend the keepers’ coach from the club. Davy is a real club man and I know him as someone who likes a joke and this was probably intended as such. However, he has discredited himself and the club with with what he has done", Mr Lambaerts said.

The match ended in a two-all draw.


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