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Sheep seek sanctuary in a sweet shop (video)

A flock of sheep that had escaped during the traditional Ommegang procession in the town of Lier in Antwerp Province decided to seek sanctuary in a sweet shop. One of the animals entered the shop alone only to be followed be several other sheep. Soon the entire flock was inside. The sheep were escorted out of the store by a shepherd and a sheep dog. 

For the first time since 2015 the Ommegang procession took place in Liere on Sunday. The centuries-old tradition includes a procession of folkloristic giants, accompanied by animals such as sheep and horses. The procession usually takes place every 5 years. However, the coronavirus pandemic meant that the 2020 Ommegang was postponed. 

Last year too, the epidemiological situation meant that the procession couldn’t take place. However, on Sunday the moment the people of Lier had waited 7 years for finally arrive and the Ommegang got under way.

Everything was running to plan until a flock of sheep veered off route and decided to pay a visit to a local sweet shop.

The Mayor of Lier Rik Verwaest (nationalist) told VRT News that "The shepherd and his dog had to run after the animals. They fled into the shop and apparently left some droppings there, but otherwise there was no damage."

A flock of sheep inside a town centre shop is not an everyday sight. Their stay inside the sweet shop was short lived though as a shepherd and sheep dog were soon on hand to escort them out of the shop. 

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