Tihange 3 nuclear reactor shuts down unexpectedly, no threat to electricity supply

The Tihanghe 3 nuclear reactor in Liège Province is currently out of action. The electricity production company Engie that runs the Tihange nuclear power station told VRT News that the reactor shut down at around half past eight on Monday morning. 

In a statement Engie said that “This morning staff were able to bring Tihange 3 into a safe state”. Why this was necessary is a yet unclear. 

At around 8:25am on Monday the Tihange 3 reactor shut down unexpectedly. The electricity production company Engie Electrabel that operates the reactor is currently investigating the reason for the shutdown. 

The other 5 nuclear reactors still in service in Belgium are running normally and the electricity grid management company Elia says that the issues at the Tihange 3 reactor will have no impact on electricity supply. 

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