“Doomsday Preppers” to remain in jail, dead man’s family files complaint

A court in Antwerp has confirmed the arrest of Igor G and Marc D, two suspects detained during police raids on far-right circles last week.  During the raids six people were detained as part of an ongoing investigation.  One person, Yannick V, was killed when he was hit by a police bullet during one of the raids.

During the raids in Antwerp, Merksem, Zandvliet, Deurne, Berchem, Kasterlee and Ghent large quantities of weapons and ammunition were found.  The suspects stand accused of planning an attack against the authorities, but this their lawyers deny.

Igor G’s lawyer says his client’s dossier contains no indication any attack was planned.  Marc D’s lawyer too denies any terrorist outrage was on the cards.

The two suspects are “Doomsday Preppers”.  They prepare for the end of the world by hoarding food, drink, cash and weapons in case the rule of law and order disappears.

Marc D’s lawyer, Kris Luyckx, says their ideas are not illegal: “If we had to incarcerate everybody who believed things like that, then we would have to build new prisons”.

Igor G’s lawyer, Ergün Top, says: “They exchanged information about where you can buy a petroleum heater or can store wood.  There is no criminal connotation.  There are no indications my client would commit violence. No weapons were found at his premises”.

Police believe the six suspects had not yet decided on a specific target or when to commit their attack.

Igor G and Marc D were arrested for violations of weapons legislation and acts in preparation of a terrorist crime.

Meanwhile the family of Yannick V, the 36-year-old killed by police during one of the raids, have filed a complaint with the judicial authorities claiming manslaughter.  They wish to be involved in the investigation and to be able to request additional investigative acts.  The family says it’s important to establish who fired shots, who shot first and in which circumstances the raids occurred.

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