COVID-19 update: hospitalisations double in only two weeks

Figures from science health institute Sciensano show that 1,294 people are in hospital with COVID-19.  The figure includes people hospitalised for other reasons and is up 39% on the week. A new fall wave of coronavirus is sweeping across Flanders. The number of new cases and daily hospitalisations are both up. On average 2,823 new cases are being recorded each day in the week to 30 September.  The figure is up 26% on the week.  On average 4 deaths a day being linked to the virus.

The average number of people being hospitalised with COVID-19 each day stands at 94 – a rise of 28% on the week. 

74 patients with Covid are receiving critical care.  The figure is up 32% on the week.

12,700 tests were carried out each day. 23% of tests came back positive – a slight rise.

32,690 people have died in Belgium since the start of the pandemic.

Belgium’s reproduction number stands at 1,13.  A hundred people pass the virus on to 113 others and the pandemic is widening.

9,186,140 people have had two jabs and are fully vaccinated.  7,199,397 people received the first booster.  2,129,490 people have had the second or fall booster.

Virologist Steven Van Gucht says the figures point to the start of a fall wave, which was predicted: “Look at hospitalisation figures.  They have doubled in only two weeks. The wave is linked to the return to school, the colder weather taking people indoors. We don’t believe coronavirus will reach levels that pose a threat to medical care.  It will be serious.  There will be a lot of work for the care sector but in principle we should stay within capacity”.

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