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Banks warn of home visits by impersonated bank staff

Belgian banks have issued a warning against a new form of phishing fraud.  The bank card fraud involves conmen visiting potential victims’ homes instead of attempting to get hold of passwords and financial information via the phone or a computer.

The Federation of Belgian Banks Febelfin reports conmen are impersonating bank staff and proceeding to empty victims’ bank accounts during home visits. 

Potential victims first receive a phone call.  A bank staffer explains that a suspect transaction has been noticed on your account and proposes to make a home visit to sort everything out.

Once in the home the conman joins you in front of your computer and instructs you immediately to transfer funds to an account in order to ensure the monies don’t disappear.  In actual fact you are transferring to the fraudster’s account. Meanwhile the conman has also taken note of your PIN-code.

He then proceeds by suggesting he destroy your bank card by cutting it to pieces.  He is careful not to cut through the chip and pockets the pieces of the card. In this way he’s able to transfer funds from your account at will.   

Fraudsters impersonating bank staff still make use of the phone too to con people into transferring funds to their account.  Often, they are skilful is getting you to divulge your PIN-code.

Febelfin warns people to treat emails and other messages with the necessary caution and points out criminals can easily duplicate bank logos.  Consumers are advised never to offer personal codes including your PIN-code and codes generated using appliances provided by your bank.  Don’t offer such information by email, text, on the phone and certainly not on the doorstep.

Don’t click on links to bank websites but type the name of your bank’s website in your browser or add it to your favourites.

If you believe you have made a mistake you can always block your card by phoning Card Stop on 078 170 170 and by contacting your bank.  Don’t forget to file a complaint with the police too.

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