The nuclear park at Doel (archive photo)

Nuclear reactor executes automatic stop after short circuit

Nuclear reactor 2 at Doel (East Flanders) automatically stopped generating power this morning when a short circuit occurred in the operating system of the control rods. As a result of the short circuit one of the control rods in the reactor retracted. Generator Engie says there is no threat to safety but it’s unclear how long the reactor will be out of action.

The short circuit meant one of the control rods was lowered triggering an incident in the nuclear section of the reactor. 

“The automatic stop means the safety systems are operating well” said an Engie spokeswoman.

Earlier in the week reactor 3 at Tihange also suddenly and unexpectedly stopped working.  At the end of September Doel reactor 3 was closed down in line with Belgium’s plan to phase out nuclear energy.  Doel 2 is a smaller reactor producing around half the power of Doel reactor 4 and the reactors still operating at Tihange (Liege).

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