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Ghent film director Lukas Dhont wins another two prizes in the US for his film ‘Close’

The film ‘Close’ by the Ghent (East Flanders) director Lukas Dhont has been awarded home the Gold Q-Hugo Award and the Silver Hugo Jury Prize at the Chicago International Film Festival. Earlier this week, Lukas Dhont's film also won the audience award at another film festival in the United States.

Speaking after receiving the awards on Friday evening Lukas Dhont said "It is wonderful to feel that people on the other side of the ocean are also embracing Leo and Remi (the two main character in the film, photo below). When you make something that is so close to yourself, you naturally hope that it will be a sucess. It is therefore a great honor to receive another award in the US."

The Silver Hugo Jury Prize is one in the main competition prizes at the Chicago Film Festival. In its report, the international jury called ‘Close’ "a sensitive, humanistic film that celebrates our human instincts for contact and affection, amid the overwhelming pressure to conform". There was further praise for the director and the acting in the film: "This is a very moving tour de force from director Lukas Dhont, who leads the entire cast to great performances."

In addition to the Silver Hugo Jury Prize ‘Close’ also won in another category, the Out-Look Competition. The Out-Look Competition at the Chicago International Film Festival aims to honour "beautifully made films that reflect the countless perspectives and experiences of LGBTQ+ people”. Here the jury had the following words of praise for 'Close', "As a production Close is an excellently directed, beautifully portrayed film with strong acting, especially from the young actor Eden Dambrine, who moves movingly between the themes of lost innocence and childhood sadness”.

A film about friendship

Close" is a film about friendship and responsibility. Leo and Remi, both 13, have been friends since for as long as they can remember. But suddently an unthinkable event drives them apart.

In addition to the various international awards it has won so far. Lukas Dhont's film is has also been shortlisted for the European Film Awards and is longlisted for the British Independent Film Awards. ‘Close’ is also the official Belgian entry for the Oscars.


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