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Far-right MP assaulted by left-wing activist in Leuven

The Member of the Flemish Parliament Filip Dewinter (Vlaams Belang) was thrown to the ground by a left-wing activist in the Flemish Brabant city of Leuven on Saturday evening. A long-time figurehead of the far-right in Flanders, Mr Dewinter was about to give a lecture a book he has written about “The Great Replacement” when he was assaulted outside a community centre in the Kessel-Lo area of Leuven. Around 30 protesters had gathered outside the venue where the lecture took place.

The Great Replacement or replacement theory or great replacement theory is a conspiracy theory that is prevalent among far-right groups. It was first conceived by the French author Renaud Camus. Camus’ original theory states that the “replacist elite” is working to replace the white European population both demographically and culturally by members of other racial, cultural, and religious groups. This is said to be being done through mass migration set against a background of a low birth-rate among white Europeans. 

Needless to say, the theory is highly controversial. Mr Dewinter’s book saw feelings run high among some and a protest was organised outside the community centre in Kessel-Lo where the lecture was to take place. Around 30 protesters gathered there. The Leuven Local Police Service spokesman Mathieu Caudron told VRT News that “These were left wing activists that disagreed with what Filip Dewinter had come here to say”. The police spokesman added that one of the protesters physically assaulted Mr Dewinter.

“An activist grabbed Filip Dewinter and pushed him to the ground”. 

The politician is also reported to have been smeared with a foul-smelling liquid. Mr Dewinter’s assailant has been identified and a will be issued with a crime report notice. However, Mr Caudron went on to say that “We strongly deny Mr Dewinter’s claims that he was kicked and punched”.

The lecture went ahead slightly later than planned. Mr Dewinter left at around 10pm and although around 30 protesters were still outside the community centre there were no further incidents. 


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