“Zillion” arrives on the silver screen

“Zillion” is being released in Belgian movie theatres today.  The motion picture tells the story of Frank Verstraeten, a young Flemish entrepreneur, who came to fame running the Zillion discotheque in the heart of Antwerp.  It’s a more or less true story that ends with Verstraeten serving a prison sentence.

For this movie director Robin Pront sought inspiration in Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street”.  Frank Verstraeten is the Flemish Jordan Belfort say film experts.

Following the successful debut of his 2015 motion picture “D’Ardennen” Pront decided to project the sensational story of Frank Verstraeten and his mega disco Zillion on the silver screen.

Following bankruptcy Verstraeten manages to open the Zillion in 1996.  Pront paints a picture of sex, booze and drugs and great amounts of cash.  Zillion made Verstraeten rich and famous, notorious even. The Zillion became a phenomenon in Flanders.  Verstraeten joined the jet set and courted the media.  At the height of his fame Verstraeten and his then lover Miss Belgium, Brigitta Callens, encountered home jackers on the return to their loft.  Photos of the pair with bruised and bloody faces appeared on the frontpages the following day.  Flanders had become Hollywood.  The subsequent investigation led to the arrest of Verstraeten, the closure of the disco and several court cases resulting in a conviction and custodial sentence.   

Matteo Simoni stars as the legendary porn king Dennis Burkas, better known as Dennis Black Magic.

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