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"Officer Crabtree" of "'Allo 'allo" is in Nieuwpoort: "The older generation still recognised me"

The British actor Arthur Bostrom is in the Flemish coastal resort of Nieuwpoort to present a new type of "Picon", an apéritif drink. 

"I am here to launch a new Picon", Bostrom told the VRT's Radio 2. "I didn't know the drink, but I understand it is popular in this area and in northern France." The name Picon de Nouvion refers to the place where the series "'Allo 'allo" played, a comic series about people living in a small French town trying to spy for the allied forces while under German rule.    

Crabtree plays the role of an English undercover police officer who speaks French with a very heavy accent. "'Allo 'allo" was aired in 86 different countries and was a huge success. 

Bostrom strolled through Nieuwpoort dressed as officer Crabtree and was recognised by some people: "Young people don't know who I am. They probably think I am a real Frenchman. But the older people recognised me straightaway. They waved at me and some were really enthusiastic."  

Pub landlord Bert Gunst from Nieuwpoort has maintained contacts with the "'Allo 'allo" cast for several years. "I met the actors on a fair and we always kept in touch." Characters like lieutenant Gruber, Helga and Herr Flick were in Nieuwpoort in the past. This time, he managed to convince Arthur Bostrom to come: "It is a question of waiting for the right occasion." 

Watch some fragments of "'Allo 'allo" in this YouTube compilation:

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