Singer Nicole Josy of the duo Nicole & Hugo has died -  the purple "Las Vegas-style suits" in 1973 are part of Flemish music history

Singer Nicole Josy of the popular Flemish duo Nicole & Hugo has died at the age of 76. Nicole Josy was battling cancer and Alzheimer's disease. She has a long past record in Flemish music history and also took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1973 with her partner Hugo. This performance, in purple "Las Vegas style" suits, has become part of Flemish music history. 

Nicole & Hugo had various hits, including "Goeiemorgen, morgen" and "Pastorale". A first showing at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1971 has to be scrapped when Nicole falls ill. 

Nicole Josy - an artist name for Nicole Van Pamel which she dopts at 14 years of age -  marries Hugo in December 1971. It is the start of a successful partnership - both in their private lives and on stage, as the duo Nicole & Hugo. "Our secret was to straighten things out before we went to sleep, after we had a fight", Nicole said last year. 

In 1973 Nicole & Hugo make it to the Eurovision Song Contest after all with "Baby, baby".  Though they end in last place in Luxemburg, their act in the "Las Vegas-style" purple suits and their particular choreography catch the attention. 

Nicole Josy died after suffering a fall in her house. A condolence register will be opened in the municipality of Wemmel. 

WATCH - Nicole & Hugo's performance on the European stage in 1973

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