Petrol price to rise again from tomorrow

The Federal Economy Department has announced that the maximum price that filling stations can charge for a litre of petrol will increase from tomorrow (Tuesday 8 November). 

Anyone filling up their vehicle with a litre of 95 petrol (E10) from tomorrow will see the maximum price increase by 8.2 eurocent to 1.993 euro per litre. The maximum price of a litre of 98 petrol (E5) will increase by 9.2 eurocent to 2.215 euro per litre.

Meanwhile, the price of heating oil (50S) is set to fall by 0.61 eurocent per litre for orders greater than 2000 litres. From tomorrow the maximum price will be 1.3315 euro per litre. The maximum price for diesel will remain unchanged. 

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