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Prime Minister says that "Energy grant payment won’t be ready in November”

The 196-euro payment to help households with their energy bills that the Federal Government announced in September and the first installment of which was to be paid out this month won’t be paid out until December. Next month both installments of the payment will be paid out at once. The news that the first installment of the grant won’t be paid out this month after all was announced by the Federal Prime Minister Alexander De Croo during a radio interview with the Francophone public broadcaster RTBF on Monday morning.

In September, the Federal Government announced a basic package of financial support to help alleviate the impact of high energy bills on Belgian households. A grant of 135 euros per month for gas and 61 euros per month for electricity was to be paid out twice, once in November and once in December. The grant will be deducted directly from energy bills.

However, the government has now failed to meet this month's deadline. The Federal Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Flemish liberal) announced this in the Francophone public broadcaster RTBF’s radio program ‘Matin Première’ that the grant will now not be paid until December. Then the amount due to have been paid in two installments will be paid out in one single installment in December.

Mr De Croo explained that "We have had technical difficulties in implementing the grant”.

The grant will be given to almost all household that have that a variable energy contract, or a fixed tariff contract that was entered into or was renewed after 1 October 2021.  Exceptions include those households that are already entitled to the social energy tariff. When the support package was announced in September Mr De Croo explained that the grant is a measure to help middle class households. 

Those on higher incomes will pay back (some of) the grant through their taxes. This will apply to single people with no dependents that have a taxable income of more than 62,000 euro/annum. This 125,000 euro/annum for couples. The limit increases by 3,700 euro/annum per dependent.

Mr De Croo says that around 15% of households in Belgium have incomes above these figures.

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