Fleming wins National Geographic photo competition

Flemish photographer Niki Colemont has won the public prize of the National Geographic photo competition.  His snap showing a red squirrel jumping from a patch of moss with an acorn in its mouth garnered most support in the category “Animal”.

Niki’s over the moon: “This is incredible” said the photographer from Diepenbeek (Flemish Brabant).  “I had a lot of support from friends and family.  Even the guy who came second congratulated me”.

Niki took his snap in North Brabant in the Netherlands: “I observed the site with many squirrels running about for four hours.  There’s a stream where they can drink, but squirrels aren’t too hot on water.  That’s why I placed a piece of moss with an acorn on it on the water in the hope one would jump on it”.

“The squirrel and its reflection form a beautiful circle.  It’s a very original photo.  I was very pleased when I took it”.

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