Belgian Environment Minister says that COP27 has failed to respond to the urgency of climate change

Despite a final round of negotiations that continued into the wee small hours of Sunday morning the conclusion text of the COP27 summit has left many disappointed. Among those expressing their disappointment is the Belgian Climate Minister Zakia Khattabi (Fracophone green).

In an interview Ms Khattabi said that “Recent reports indicate that we are heading towards a global temperature rise of 2.5°C. This is a catastrophe for humanity, and in particular for the most vulnerable countries and communities. I came here to make an ambitious deal that would implement the Paris agreement and the Glasgow Climate Pact. However, we are far from this".

Numerous IPCC reports have stated that that the current decade will be decisive if we are to limit global warming to no more than 1.5°C. However, Ms Khattabi says that that the conclusion text published at the close of the COP27 summit is insufficient to ensure that those that emit the most CO2 accelerate the reduction in their emissions.

The Belgian Climate Minister adds that the Mitigation Work Program needs to become an effective monitoring and steering tool for the efficient implementation of Paris Agreement and the Glasgow Pact and not simply a glorified chat room.

The COP27 summit did decide to create a fund for the losses and damages suffered by the developing countries due to climate change. However, Ms Khattabi says that it is regrettable that mitigation measures seem to have been left aside. 

"If the issue of climate justice has finally legitimately found its place in the agreement, I regret that this is to the detriment of mitigation. For me, the two go hand in hand, solidarity is also doing everything to prevent loss and damage”.

"The lack of trust between the parties was too great and weighed on the negotiations. This agreement was all that was possible within this context. A new chapter is opening, the priority must be to make it possible to restore trust. This is a prerequisite needed for a more ambitious agreement in the future", the Belgian Climate Minister concludes.

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