Two drowning people rescued from Brussels Canal on Sunday

The Brussels Fire Service rescued two drowning people from the city’s canal on Sunday. On Sunday morning, a man was pulled from the canal near to the Saincteletteplein. In a separate incident on Sunday evening, a drowning man had to be rescued from the canal near to the Klein Kasteeltje in Central Brussels. Here the man was taken to hospital in critical condition.

At around 6 pm the emergency services were called by a passers-by that had seen a man drowning in the canal. “When we arrived at the scene, the victim was floating head down in the water. 

Our divers took the person out of the water and immediately started to revive him. The man was taken to hospital where his condition is critical”, a spokesperson for the Brussels Fire Service told journalists.

It is not yet clear how the man ended up in the water.

Second incident in just one day

Earlier on Sunday the Fire Service had already rescued another person from the water, a few hundred metres away, near to the Saincteletteplein. At around 9 am on Sunday morning a witness had called the emergency services to report that someone was in the canal.

When the Fire Service arrived at the scene they found a man, dressed only in a hospital shirt, in the water. Divers brought the man to the canal bank. He was taken to hospital suffering from hypothermia.


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