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“I’m the only one supporting Belgium”

Belgium kicks off at the world cub in Qatar tonight with the national squad, the Red Devils, taking on Canada.  Fleming Mattias Boon lives in Canada, where he works as a teacher.  He’ll be watching the match with pupils tonight but will be the only one in the room supporting Belgium.

Mattias lives in Vancouver (BC) with his Canadian wife and children.  There the match is being screened at 11AM.  “I’ll be in class at that hour” Mattias tells VRT “but I’ve made sure all the teachers and pupils will be able to watch the match together.  I’m the only one supporting Canada.  I hope the Red Devils will win”.

“People think I’ll support Canada, but they have gone something else coming.  Belgium comes in first place.  My kids will be wearing Belgium shirts.  They are on my side”.

Mattias concedes there used to be less interest in the football world cup in Canada than in Belgium but Canada’s qualification has changed matters: “Canadians are more interested in the men’s game than previously.  That’s because the Canadian men qualified at last.  Men’s football isn’t that popular here.  The Canadian women’s team usually outperforms them”. 

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