“Sometimes people are happy to find a pub without any footie”

The Red Devils, the Belgian national soccer squad, are in action at the controversial Qatar world cup tonight, but Belgium’s match against Canada won’t be available at one Brussels pub after the publican let punters decide whether or not they wanted to watch the match.

Café Roskam on the Vlaamsesteenweg in downtown Brussels joins Maison du Peuple and Brasserie de l’Union, two pubs in Sint-Gillis, which earlier announced matches wouldn’t be screened.

“I put the question on Facebook.  Should we screen the world cup given the controversy?” says landlord Rudolf van Bochove.  “6,000 people saw the post and dozens responded: 70% opposed the screening.  We then decided not to screen the event”.

The publican isn’t worried his decision will have major financial ramifications though earlier world and European cups were screened.  “I don’t believe there will be a big impact.  This isn’t a typical football pub.  There are more than enough pubs in the neighbourhood. Sometimes people are happy to find a pub without any footie”

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