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Average Belgian makes 10 daytrips a year

For the first time research has been undertaken to find out how many daytrips people make to spots in Flanders and its capital Brussels.  A daytrip is defined as a journey at a distance of at least 30 km from your home, while you stay away for at least 3 hours.

For an entire year every fortnight 3,000 people were quizzed.  It transpired that the average Belgian makes ten daytrips a year.

Belgians make 81 million daytrips in Flanders and Brussels each year.  That works out at 9.7 daytrips per person. With 18 million daytrips the Flemish coast remains the most popular destination.  Many people also enjoy a walk in nature or a city trip.  The average party consists of 3.3 people with children present on one in five daytrips.

On average 32 euros is spent on each trip. The lion’s share, 17.7 euros, is spent on hospitality.  The rest goes on shopping, entrance tickets, public transport or carparks.  How much people spend largely depends on the destination.  Visiting a city (50 euros) proves to be more expensive than a walk in nature (18 euros on average). Daytrips result in a global turnover of 2.7 billion euros for the Flemish economy. 

Flemish tourism minister Zuhal Demir (Flemish nationalist) has welcomed the results: “During the pandemic we didn’t spare anything to promote Flanders as a holiday destination.  Since the pandemic many people discovered that you don’t need to sit in a car or plane for many hours to enjoy culture or nature”.

The research commissioned by the Flemish tourism agency Toerisme Vlaanderen also revealed that people involved in recreational activities within a 20 km radius of their home also generate a turnover of a billion euros.  55 million shorter trips are carried out. 

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