Flemish construction firm insulates your entire home in 24 hours

A tech construction company has developed the necessary techniques to wrap insulation around homes or buildings in 24 hours’ time.  At present the Aarschot-based company BuildUp mainly concentrates its activities abroad.

Panels used on home fronts and roofs are produced at the BuildUp factory.  “They are then fitted to the building using a crane.  In this way an existing house is wrapped into a new coating and there is no more loss of energy” explains CEO Hélène de Troostembergh.  “If we want to reach climate goals, we need to insulate homes as quicky as possible.  This is a technique that allows this”.

At present the cost of this type of insulation is often beyond the means of the average family. “We hope demand for the product will rise and prices will come down making it accessible to all” says the CEO. 

BuildUp currently mainly uses the technique on large projects abroad.  Dozens of homes, part of a social housing project in France, were recently renovated.

“We’d love to carry out projects in Belgium, but we’ve noticed that countries like France and the Netherlands have already been doing this for 5 to 10 years. Belgium is lagging behind.  There’s a big role for politicians to play. Otherwise we won’t reach climate goals”.

Since October rents in Flanders can no longer be increased if the housing isn’t sufficiently energy-efficient. Hélène de Troostembergh says more needs to be done: “In France social housing with low energy labels can no longer be rented out starting 2025.  This has triggered a massive renovation drive.  The techniques we have developed make it possible to turn homes into energy neutral entities in one go!”


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