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Flemings protest in favour of wind farms

In most countries windfarms and wind turbines trigger protests by opponents.  Not in Belgium.  Here a dozen people turned up in order to protest in favour of the erection of wind turbines in Mol (Antwerp Province).

It must be said all the protesters were members of opposition parties on the local council, but still.

The protesters favour putting up wind turbines along the E34 motorway in the Postel district of the town.  One activist told VRT: “We shouldn’t just point out where wind turbines shouldn’t be located , but also dare to identify the locations that do have potential”.

Koen Van Gompel of MEMO-MeerMol: “This is an action to encourage the town authorities to install wind turbines.  By area Mol is the second largest municipality in Antwerp Province after the City of Antwerp and we have the room.  At present there are only four wind turbines on business sites”.

“The municipal authorities should look for locations that won’t disturb residents or the ecological system.  There’s a 5km strip along the E34 motorway in Postel”.

Wind turbines are soon being erected in the neighbourhood, in the neighbouring municipality of Retie and just across the border in the Netherlands. The protesters say their proposal, if realized, could generate more electricity than is consumed in Mol. 

“If we want to reach climate norms – we have given a commitment to reduce CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030 – we won’t get there with current projects, planting more hedges and reducing hard surfaces” says Van Gompel. 

“We’re not insisting the wind turbines must be installed here, but we’re offering a possibility.  At present every proposal is being turned down because of horizon pollution or because it’s bad for the bats.  People always look for reasons to refuse wind turbines. This must change.  We all know how important it is to switch to green energy”.

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