“Black day in VRT history” as 50 workers are sacked

On Tuesday and Wednesday some 50 staff at Flemish public broadcaster VRT learned that they were being sacked.  The sackings are the result of the company’s transformation plan and cuts imposed by the Flemish government.

The total number of redundancies at VRT till 2025 equals 61 full time equivalents.  Staff were informed by email and invited to a conversation with their superior.

It was only a week ago that the VRT board approved the transformation plan.  Initial redundancy numbers were reduced as older workers volunteered for early retirement and some roles will no longer be filled.

In addition to the 50 leaving the company this year more redundancies are planned in 2024 and 2025.

Wies Descheemaeker of the socialist union at VRT labelled Tuesday as one of the darkest days in the history of the Flemish public broadcaster:  “The heart and soul of the VRT are hit by the sacking of colleagues”. 

TV channels Eén and Canvas are being hit hardest union sources say.

The Flemish government instructed the VRT to reduce expenditure.  The company has to get by with 25 million euros less each year till 2025.

In addition to the redundancies, some 50 workers leaving the company will not be replaced.  “Thuis”, the popular Flemish soap, will in future be produced by an external company.

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