Supermarket shop is up 18%

Inflation may have edged lower last month, but consumers’ organisation Test Aankoop has calculated that the average supermarket shop has shot up 18% in only a year’s time. Their survey involved 3,000 products at 7 different stores.

A shopping trip that would have cost you 100 euros a year ago will now set you back 118 euros. General inflation stands at just over 10%, but flood inflation is running at over 14%. 

The prices of dairy products have been going up for months now: +24%.  New Gouda is up 37%, butter +33% and semi-skimmed milk +32%.

North Sea shrimps became 61% more expensive, frozen chips 47%.  Pasta is up 41%, cooking oil 37%.  On average veg, meat and grocery products are up 18%.

Granny Smith apples (-5%) and salted peanuts (-3%) have fallen in price.

Test Aankoop says the figures show the cost-of-living crisis is far from over. “We are encouraging people to compare prices per litre and kilo and to look for promotions” says Laura Clays. “Own brands are a good choice too: they are cheaper than top brands and the quality isn’t worse”.

Recent Test Aankoop research revealed own brands were better quality than top brands.

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