The Solvay Hotel on the Louisa Avenue is a monumental design by Victor Horta.

Brussels aims to highlight Art Nouveau in 2023

The regional Brussels government has announced that next year will become the Art Nouveau year. This architectural style is an asset that not enough people, even within Belgium, are aware of, argues the Brussels Region. 

Art Nouveau started at the end of the 19th century. Brussels boasts various Art Nouveau jems, such as Hôtel Solvay, Maison Cauchie, the Horta Museum etc. 

"We are too modest compared to cities like Barcelona, that manage to make more publicity about their cultural heritage. But in reality, Brussels is the capital of the Art Nouveau", the Brussels State Secretary responsible for Heritage, Pascal Smet, told a press conference at the Hôtel Van Eetvelde. 

The campaign has been titled "Art Nouveau Brussels 2023". For the occasion, a number of buildings will be opened, including the Maison Hannon, which is close to the European Commission. At the same time, renovation projects will also be accessible, even though has not been finished, in order to highlight Brussels efforts to restore the heritage. There will also be guided walks, temporary exhibitions and other events. 

Hötel Hannon
Andreas Kockartz

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