Archive picture shows Thiam with her previous trophy.
Bolcina/Photo News

"Miss heptathlon" Nafi Thiam wins Golden Spike for "Belgian Athlete of the Year", making it 9 (!)  in a row

The Golden Spike for best Belgian athletes of the year go to Nafi Thiam and Bashir Abdi. Nafi Thiam took the world title in the women's heptathlon while Bashir Abdi took bronze in the men's marathon. 

Thiam claimed back-to-back Olympic titles last year and confirmed her supremacy this summer with a gold medal at the Eugene World Championships. She also confirmed her supremacy in the Golden Spike list, with her 9th successive win. Thiam won the heptathlon both at the World and the European Championships. She beat Fleming Noor Vidts, the Brabant youngster who claimed the Gold in the indoor event, the pentathlon. 

Bashir Abdi, an Olympic bronze medalist, took another bronze in Eugene. At first, he was disappointed, but now he is proud of his performance. "Reaching the top is hard, staying there is even harder", he told journalists. 

"But I managed to confirm my Olympic bronze. It's my third Golden Spike, but it still means a lot to me." Abdi will now focus on the Paris Olympic Games in 2024. "I will skip the 2023 World Championships in Budapest. This year was heavy for me, with three marathons. I needed two months to recover since October, while I normally need three weeks." 

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