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Flemish song "Goeiemorgen, morgen" from 1971 suddenly becomes a hit in Ukraine, here is why (VIDEO)

An old Flemish song from 1971 goes viral on social media in Ukraine. This is not because the lady singer Nicole recently died, but because the Dutch word "goeiemorgen" (or good morning) means something completely different in Russian, something like "f* bullshit". As a matter of fact, it has become a popular way for young Ukrainians to show Russia the middle finger during the war, and after critical energy infrastructure in Ukraine was bombed by Russia at the start of the winter.  

The story was picked up by our colleagues of the Dutch public broadcaster NOS. Apparently, the song has become a hit on TikTok. "Goei" (хуй /choej) is a popular curse word  among Ukrainian people. It is a way to let off steam in hard times of war, and as the cold winter is starting to tighten its grip on Ukraine. 

"When we wake up and there is no electricity, no water and no shower, we still make jokes about it and we try to remain positive", explains a man.

Watch the video here:

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