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Angry passengers block access to Pier B at Brussels Airport (VIDEO)

A group of angry passengers blocked access to Pier B at Brussels Airport for a while this morning, after their flight to Cameroon had been cancelled. About 40 passengers are stuck at the airport as a result, but the action did not have a lot of impact. 

Flight SN369 of Brussels Airlines was scheduled to take off yesterday. This happened, but  the aircraft had to make a U-turn after just 45 minutes due to "technical reasons". It landed in Brussels, and the flight was eventually cancelled. 

The plane was carrying about 40 passengers from outside the EU and without a valid visa to enter Belgium. As a result, Brussels Airlines could not arrange accommodation for them. Another flight to Cameroon, today, was already fully booked. The stranded passengers will have to stay at the airport longer. 

To express their frustration, some of the passengers blocked the entrance of Pier B at the airport building. This is the pier for flights with a destination outside the EU. However, their action did not cause a lot of problems. Other passengers for non-Schengen flights could make a small detour. 

The blockade was lifted later on, after talks with the police. Meanwhile, it remains uncertain when the stricken passengers can actually leave for Cameroon. Some fear that they may be stuck in the airport for days. Brussels Airlines will look into the possibility of granting them a temporary transit visa to be able to stay in a hotel. This afternoon, Brussels Airlines announced that an extra flight to Cameroon will be scheduled tomorrow to solve the issue. 

Watch the video: frustrated passengers try to block part of Brussels Airport, police intervene

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