Flanders to close all vaccination centres by the end of the year

The Flemish Health Minister Hilde Crevits (Christian democrat) has announced that all coronavirus vaccination centres in our region will close by the end of the year. Speaking on Friday morning Ms Crevits thanked those that have worked at the 80 centres and the employees of the Flemish Health and Care Agency. From January COVID-19 vaccines will be administered at the same places (for example GP’s surgeries) as other vaccines.

The COVID-19 vaccination campaign has been one of the largest logistics operations since World War II. The vaccination campaign in Flanders that got under way almost 2 years ago and has involved thousands of volunteers is viewed as a success. 

Ms Crevits told journalists that thanks to the success of the vaccination campaign Flanders has succeeded in "becoming one of the most vaccinated and therefore best protected regions in the world".

More than 17.1 million jabs

The figures speak for themselves. By the end of November 2022 more than 17.1 million coronavirus vaccines had been administered in Flanders. During the busiest week of the vaccination campaign (the second week of June ) 675,027 vaccines were administered. The record day was 22 July 2021 with a total of 131,420 vaccines being administered at the region’s 80 vaccination centres.

Now with the autumn booster campaign nearing its conclusion all the vaccination centres in Flanders are set to close by the end of the month. From January the Flemish Health and Care Agency will organise the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 in the same way it does vaccination campaigns against other illnesses: through GPs, pharmacists, home nurses, occupational health services and the Children’s Agency (Agentschap Opgroeien).

Ms Crevits told journalists that "We will certainly not forget the experience gained over the past three years with the COVID-19 vaccination campaigns. We are currently preparing a large vaccination conference that will take place in the spring of 2024."

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