Nicolas Maeterlinck

Freezing temperatures cause slippery conditions across Flanders

Temperatures fell below 0°C at many locations in our region on Thursday night. This led to slippery conditions on roads, cycle paths and pavements. There have been numerous reports of people slipping on ice, falling of bikes or being involved in weather-related accidents in their cars during Friday morning’s rush hour. In addition to the ice there was also mist at many locations on Friday morning. Temperatures are also expected to fall to below freezing during the next few nights. 

Although there were no long traffic jams during Friday morning’s rush hour motorists did have to be extra careful due to the slippery conditions that had been caused by the freezing temperatures on Thursday night.

The VRT’s traffic expert Hajo Beeckman told VRT News that "On bridges and viaducts in particular there were a number of accidents. There have also been quite a few reports from the Cyclists’ Association of very slippery cycle paths, particularly around Ghent and Antwerp”.

In Ghent the police received around 100 reports of slippery roads in a short space of time. Bart De Cocker of the Ghent Local Police Service told VRT News that “These were mainly from people asking us to send someone to a stretch of road where it was very slippery”. The police passed on the informant to the council’s gritting service.

Mr De Cocker added that "Of those 100 calls 20 were to report falls” these concerned pedestrians that had fallen and cyclists that had fallen off their bike or scooter.

The Ghent Local Police Service also assisted the Federal Highways Police in dealing with 5 road accidents on the B401, the highway that leads from the motorway into the centre of the city.  

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