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Caroline Gennez to replace Mereyame Kitir as Development Aid Minister

Caroline Gennez is to replace her Flemish socialist colleague Meryame Kitir as the Federal Minister responsible for development aid and the big cities. Ms Kitir has been on sick leave since October. Since then responsibility her ministerial portfolio had been taken on by the Flemish socialist Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke. Ms Kitir will not be returning to the Federal Government and after talks on Saturday morning between Mr Vanenbroucke and the leader of the Flemish socialists Conner Rousseau it was decided that Caroline Gennez will take over Ms Kitir’s post in the Federal Government. 

In a press statement released on Saturday the Flemish Socialist Party said that “This difficult decision was necessary in the interests of the mental well-being of herself (Ms Kitir) and her staff. An examination of the psycho-social well-being of those working at Ms Kitir’s office showed that under the current circumstances it isn’t possible to restore a normal working relationship. No further information about the psycho-social examination will be release for obvious privacy reasons and in the interests of the mental well-being of all those concerned”.

Caroline Gennez will swear the oath required to become a Federal Minister in front of the King at 6:30pm on Saturday. 

The Flemish Socialist party says that “Caroline has the experience required to lead these departments with the necessary expertise from the outset. Together with Frank (Vandenbroucke) she will be the voice of our party in the Federal Government and will work hard to reinforce the socialists’ achievements in the fields of purchasing power and care and climate policy”. 

Currently a member of the Flemish Parliament, 47-year-old Ms Gennez was the leader of the Flemish Socialist Party from 2007 to 2011.


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