Jumper from the Antwerp fashion house Essentiel sells like hot cakes thanks to Netflix series "Emily in Paris"

A pullover made by the Antwerp fashion house Essentiel has become a hit thanks to the Netflix series "Emily in Paris". The colourful design is a success worldwide. The pullover, which can be seen in the trailer and the first episode, has already been sold out. 

The series is about a business woman (Emily, played by Lilly Collins) who moves from Chicago to Paris. Fashion plays a key role in the series. Emily is wearing different pieces of clothing made by Essentiel in the new season. The jumper from the first episode soon became a sell-out, Essentiel so-founder Inge Onsea told the Antwerp regional television station ATV and the VRT's regional radio station Radio 2 Antwerpen.  

"After the first episode, we got requests from Asia and America for the jumper. We had ordered about 300 at first, but they were sold out immediately. We put another 250 online later on, which were gone in about one hour", says Inge Onsea. "There are 9 of our garments to be seen in the third season. We are very proud." 

We received orders from America and Asia after the first episode

Inge Onsea of Essentiel

"It's a typical Essentiel jumper, very colourful", adds Onsea. "We are known for colourful designs with a lot of prints. It has become our trademark and is therefore very characteristic. If it had been a black pullover, it probably wouldn't have had such a success." 

There will probably not be any new supplies of the particular jumper, says Essentiel. "We are having brainstorms about the issue. But I like the fact that it has become an exclusive item. I would like to stop the sales. It has become a sort of collectors' item. Last week, I saw the jumper being sold by people on the internet for double the price," says Inge Onsea.

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