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27 known troublemakers ordered to stay at home during New Year’s festivities in Antwerp

The Mayor of Antwerp Bart De Wever (Flemish nationalist) has placed 27 young troublemakers under house arrest for the duration of tonight’s New Year’s celebrations. The 27 are said to pose a threat to public order. Failure to comply with the house arrest order could result in fines being issued of up to 350 euro.

In recent years New Year’s celebrations in our big cities has sometimes been marred by arson, rioting and vandalism. Thinking that prevention is better than cure, the Mayor of Antwerp Bart De Wever has issued preventative house arrest orders to 27 young people that are known troublemakers. The 27 will be obliged to stay at home between 5pm this evening and 8am tomorrow morning.

The 27 people that are being placed under preventative house arrest are all male. The oldest is 30, while the young is just 13. The lion’s share live in the Antwerp-North, Borgerhout, Deurne of ‘t Kiel areas of Antwerp. 

There they are known to police for their involvement in firework offences, vandalism, arson, aggression towards tha police and/or the emergency services, drug dealing, possession of illegal weapons, theft and harassment of other local residents. Some were involved in trouble on previous New Year’s Eves and/or during the recent football World Cup.

The police will carry out stringent checks to ensure that the 27 stay in their homes. Any of them caught breaching the house arrest order could face a fine of up to 350 euro. 

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