Lukaku wants Henry as new national team coach

In an interview with the Italian sports channel Sky Italia that was broadcast on Sunday. The Belgian international Romelu Lukaku has said that Thierry Henry “must become the new coach of Belgium” following the Departure of Roberto Martinez. 

The former Arsenal player and French international Henry is currently assistant coach. Roberto Martinez announced his departure as the coach of Belgium’s national men’s football team the Red Devils just after their final group stage game at the World Cup in Qatar on 1 December. Despite high expectation ahead of the World Cup Belgium failed to make it beyond the group stage.

Romeu Lukaku told Sky Italia that “He (Thierry Henry) has to take over the team. He has a winning mentality, has won everything in his career and has respect for every player”.

The Inter Milan star that has played more than 100 games and scored 68 times for his country added “He knows how we should train and achieve our goals. He is the right man for the job, but I don’t know if he will be taken on elsewhere. In any case, the new coach will not have to start from scratch. Our generation may not have won anything, but the base is there”.

Lukaku is one of three players who will be involved in the selection of the new coach along with Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne and Ral Madrid’s Thibaut Courtois.


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