Adapted road signs for "millionaire village" Olmen

Road signs designating that you entering the local village have received a make-over in Olmen, in Antwerp province. This has been done as a hoax, after a group of 165 local residents won a staggering amount of 143 million euros in the EuroMillions lottery. 

It is not clear who is responsible for the hoax, but visitors entering Olmen are being told straightaway that they are entering a "special village". The village road sign has been adorned with a euro sign that replaces the 'e' in the town name. The capital letter 'O' has received a small crown, and the EuroMillions logo can also be seen on some boards. 

The people winning the lottery bought their tickets in a press shop called "De Pershoek" in Olmen, in the Kempen area in eastern Antwerp province. The 165 lucky players each cashed about 900,000 euros. Olmen, a quiet village that almost never makes the news, suddenly made the headlines in the whole of Belgium.  

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