A dozen cars burgled at secure carpark in Brussels

A dozen cars in the Lepage Q-Park carpark in central Brussels were burgled on Monday night.  The thieves were apparently targeting specialised electronic equipment like electronic chips.

The thieves appear to belong to a gang specialising in thieving technical equipment including chips belonging to hybrid vehicles.  Expensive shoes and music installations remained untouched, while equipment apparently used in the break-ins was recovered from one vehicle.

Local police were alerted to the burglaries, but there was no sign of the thieves when officers arrived.  Police say people who still haven’t reported a break-in can still come forward.

Victim Tom – not his real name - spoke with media outlet Bruzz.  His lease vehicle is being repaired and he has blocked the fuel card the thieves got away with.  Still, he’s unhappy with security at the carpark and the carpark operator’s failure to respond.

“Is this what I’m paying 150 euros for?” asked Tom.  He had been wanting to alert the operator to a faulty door for some time now, but never managed to get through. 

Police say there have been no other reports of vandalism or theft at the secure carpark in recent months.

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