Schaarbeek couples can marry for free on Valentine’s Day

Five happy couples will be able tie the knot free of charge on the most romantic day of the year, Saint-Valentine’s Day. Normally the Wedding Hall at Schaarbeek Town Hall is only open Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. However, an exception will be made on Tuesday 14 February to allow 5 couples to enjoy a Valentine’s Day wedding. 

The special Valentine’s Day wedding’s will be offered free of charge by the municipal authority. The wedding hall inside Schaarbeek’s neo-Flemish renaissance town hall forms an impressive setting for a wedding at any time, but a Saint-Valentine’s wedding gives it an extra romantic dimension. 

The first five couples that register with the Municipal Registrar’s office via the email address will be able to tie the knot for free. The Alderman that will officiate at the ceremony, the Flemish liberal Quentin Van Hove told VRT News that he will ensure that proceedings will befit the special day that is Saint-Valentine. 

Not just anyone can get married at Schaarbeek Town Hall. A request must have reached the Municipal Registrar’s Office at least 15 days before the wedding is due to take place. If one of the two people that is planning to get married is not resident in Belgium, then the request needs to have been made at least 30 days prior to the planned wedding date. 

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