gemeentebestuur Schaarbeek

Fraudulent tax demand circulating in Brussels

Fraudsters in the Brussels Region are sending out fraudulent demands for an 8.90-euro residence tax.  So far only residents of the municipality of Schaarbeek have received the fake demand.  Police confirm they have received several complaints and an investigation has started.

The tax demand looks very professional.  Several residents of Schaarbeek have received the letter falsely claiming to come from the City of Brussels and bizarrely requesting payment of a tax for people living in Schaarbeek.  The letter includes a handy QR-code so that people can easily be duped into paying it!

The letter is written in French only and speaks of "Taxe habitation à charge des chefs de ménage", a residence tax to be paid by head of households.  Such a tax does not exist.

The address listed – Post box 1444 – 1000 Brussels - is that of the Brussels Parking Service that cannot possibly charge a residence tax.  The letter contains numerous spelling and interpunction mistakes and a Dutch version is lacking, which would be required in the case of a real tax. 

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