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VIDEO: Gigantic Flemish wind energy platform off to Germany’s Baltic Coast

A gigantic wind energy platform is now on its way from Antwerp to Germany’s Baltic Coast.  The Baltic Eagle left Hoboken(Antwerp) by ship today.  The platform should produce green power for 475,000 households.

Navigation on the River Schelde was brought to a halt in the vicinity of the vessel as the Baltic Eagle made its way to the high seas.

“The platform towers 5 storeys high and measures 50m by 30m.  In all it weighs 4,550 tons” says Marie-Laure Van Wanseele, spokesperson of the Hoboken-based producer Equans. “You can compare it to a giant plug at sea.  The platform brings together the wind energy produced by wind turbines in Germany’s Baltic waters providing energy for half a million households”.

Forty percent of the world’s wind energy platforms are built in Hoboken: “Belgium always invested in wind energy at sea creating an entire industry and allowing Belgium to export climate solutions” says Belgian energy minster Van der Straeten (Flemish green). 

Wind turbines in the Belgian waters of the North Sea have possessed similar plugs since as early as 2019.

It will take the Baltic Eagle six to seven days to arrive at its destination. As a result of its weight it was only able to depart at high tide.  This morning the deep channel of the River Schelde was reserved for the Baltic Eagle’s ponton.  Other vessels had to bide their time.

The platform will be attached to the seabed using foundation poles some 30km off the German coast.  Only two ships in the world are able to raise a load of this weight.

“It’s crucial we make it on time to rendezvous with the vessel that has been reserved for us” says Peter Matton of Equans. “They are in big demand”.

Once connected power will be brought on land at Lubmin.

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