Highly dangerous cannabis sweets seized in border village

Police in the Kempen District of Antwerp Province have seized packs of sweets containing high levels of THC.  THC is the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis.  The “cannabis sweets” look normal but are highly dangerous.

The sweets are packaged as Hiribo and resemble the famous candies of the Haribo brand, though they should not be confused with them. Stocks of the sweets were seized at the weekend in Poppel, a village on the Dutch border in the municipality of Ravels. Kempen police and A&E doctors had already warned of the dangers of these drugs.

“These colourful candies contain seriously high levels of THC and their effect is far greater than smoking a joint. Eating these sweets can trigger psychoses” Kempen police warn on social media.

“Though the sweets are not freely available we would like to warn everybody about them.  Because of the way they look it’s not inconceivable that they would be confused with regular candies” say Kempen police.

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