“It’s ridiculous it’s no longer a Trappist!”

The St Benedict’s Abbey in Achel (Limburg) has been sold.  Beer will still be brewed on location and still taste the same but because all ties have been broken with the monks of Westmalle the beer will no longer be able to bear the name Trappist or sport the ATP label displayed on Authentic Trappist Products.

Visitors at the abbey were devastated by the news this morning.  “This Trappist is something unique from Hamont-Achel.  It brought many people here” one visitor told.

Greetje too is shattered.  She doesn’t actually drink the beer herself, but her sons and granddaughter love it.  “I think it’s ridiculous we can no longer call it Trappist!  For 80 years I’ve been called Greetje.  I have moved about a lot, but I’ve never had to change my name.  This also goes for beer from Achel.  By origin it’s a Trappist beer.  You shouldn’t change things’ origin.  It’s exactly that which you should preserve!”

Jacques Snepvangers is a Dutchman who has made the trip especially to Achel.  It’s his first visit exactly on the day the beer loses its name:  “It’s greatly to be regretted. We’ll certainly be enjoying a Trappist today!” he told VRT.

Ramblers Johan and Peter are disappointed by the name change too: “I always like a Trappist beer and this Trappist was rather special because it was brewed in Achel Abbey with the monks. In times gone by the monks used to wander around here.  That added to the atmosphere”.

“It’s a shame it won’t be a Trappist beer any more, but if it continues to taste the same we will still drink it, even if it’s just an abbey beer” says Johan.


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