Fuse to reopen two nights a week

The famous Brussels discotheque Fuse has received permission to reopen two nights a week.  In mid-January the Fuse management decided to close the dance temple temporarily because it couldn’t meet the new conditions set by the Brussels environment agency and related to noise disturbance immediately.

Initially the agency ruled that Fuse had to close at 2AM and noise levels couldn’t exceed 95 decibels.  This ruling is now being modified.  Fuse is now also getting two years in which to carry out noise insulation work.  Higher noise levels will be tolerated at certain times.

Fuse can stay open two nights a week from 11PM to 7AM with no more than 90 organised events a year. The environment agency hopes its decision strikes a good balance between the discotheque’s economic and cultural importance and the well-being of local residents, who complained about the noise.

Writing on social media the Fuse management says it will now try to reopen and comply with the “strict” conditions but fears the disco will soon have to close again.

Fuse also complains it will only be able to play music at “acceptably” loud levels for a few hours a night and this despite the fact that “many tourists travel to Brussels specially to visit the Fuse”.

The discotheque’s petition against the new conditions set on the dance temple attracted 65,000 signatures.

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